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3D printing clay

Ceramic 3D printing

Clay has been used throughout the ages for many things like pottery and art. Now there is a new way of creating clay sculptures, digitally with the 3D clay printers from WASP. Digitally design your sculpture and print the most beautiful ceramic objects your creativity allows.

For design, education, research, development and digital ceramics

Whether it is your personal research product or you are a creative artist, 3D printing clay will make your work unique. Are you more the experimental type? Try printing all sorts of materials like wood derivatives, concrete and, when christmas comes, wow your family with your own gingerbread design.  

3D printers that are made to last

In 2012, the World's Advanced Saving Project was born in Italy as a project focused on developing 3D printing and that finds its roots in the world of Open-source, giving and putting into circulation know-how and tools. Today, WASP 3D printers are known worldwide for their top quality and reliability in the fabrication of small super precise pieces, up to massive eco-friendly constructions. Using only premium aluminium and plastics for their printers.

In 2017, the first WASP Hub Umeå was born. It is the first 3D printing WASP Hub facility and community in Sweden and the Nordics (Norway, Denmark and, Finland). Today, there are more than 12 WASP Hubs in the world located in Madrid, New York, Beirut, Barcelona, London and, Milan, to name a few.

We offer two options

Clay kit + DeltaWasp 20 40 Turbo 2

If you don't have a 3D printer yet, no worries we sell them together with a nice pack discount!


Clay kit

For everyone who is already rocking a DeltaWasp 3D printer


Welcome to WASP, welcome to 4D Nordic!