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ABOUT 4D Nordic AB

4D Nordic Is The Result Of The Need To Involve The Nordic Countries To The In-House Production Revolution That Aims To Encourage Sustainable Development Around The World.

In 2012, the World's Advanced Saving Project was born in Italy as a project focused on developing 3D printing and that finds its roots in the world of Open-source, giving and putting into circulation know-how and tools. Today, WASP 3D printers are known worldwide for their top quality and reliability in the fabrication of small super precise pieces, up to massive eco-friendly constructions.

In 2017, the first WASP Hub Umeå was born. It is the first 3D printing WASP Hub facility and community in Sweden and the Nordics (Norway, Denmark and, Finland). Today, there are more than 12 WASP Hubs in the world located in Madrid, New York, Beirut, Barcelona, London and, Milan, to name a few.

2018In 2018, 4D Nordic AB was funded by Randy Cottin and Jens Woestenburg, in partnership with WASP and WASP Hub Umeå. The vision is to offer to the Nordic Countries, the best possible technology by making available to the region the WASP 3D Printers portfolio, in order to contribute to WASP's ambitious and inspiring project of building a more sustainable world through 3D printing. We believe in a world where the word "sustainability" stopped being a utopian idea. We believe that our contribution to society should not only be with words but with actions, in our case, we help 3D print your actions.

Meet our team



Jens Woestenburg

Co Founder

Sustainable partners
Add:north is the only large-scale producer of 3D filament in the Nordic region. They offer easy-to-use materials for the enthusiasts, aestethically attractive materials for the designers & architects, and professional grade materials for the industrial makers. Their strong sustainable efforts like their circulation program and R&D focus on bioplastics and new functionalities, makes add:north the most sustainable alternative on the Nordic market. An attractive partner that aligns with our own philosophy.

Welcome to WASP, welcome to 4D Nordic!